I am Nakiwala Mary. I was born in Entebbe, Wakiso district, central Uganda to mr and Mrs. Robert Katwere.
I was an active political activist affiliated to the opposition political party forum for democratic change. My partner on the other hand was a member of the ruling party – national resistance movement.
Until late last year I was married and together with my partner we had 1 child. We had been together since 2015 when together his family members he visited my parents to ask for my hand in a customary marriage as I was pregnant for him.
Through the years that we were together I endured countless acts of domestic violence from my husband. From time to time he would verbally, physically and mentally torture me but I still had hope in my marriage. I also sought support and guidance from Forum for Acid victims who were really helpful.
On one occasion I narrowly survived death when my husband attacked me with hot water but part of the water poured my sister who was closeby and she suffered a scald instead.
During the infamous presidential age limit debate in 2017, his violence even became more numerous and unbearable as he started to threaten my life. We were on opposite sides of the political spectrum and this spread into our marriage.
I sought the help of our parents but since the couldnt do much I reported to police. The police also didnt help me since my husband had friends in the force and compromised them.
Around the same time he attacked me again and I was admitted in hospital. My life was in total danger. When I was discharged from hospital I thought about going to a place far away from my partner if I was to get a guarantee of safety. I applied and was thankfully allowed entry into US.
I thank Forum for Acid Victims for supporting me throughout the time I was going through the difficult times in the relationship through counselling and guidance and being a platform and voice for the voiceless.

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  1. indeed domestic violence in this country is ripe- it is now aggravated with human sacrifice and kidnap. Government must do something but it is a pit that the local councils are also compromised. So indeed people and mainly women and kids are vulnerable.

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