Juliet with Dr. Aida

Juliet Bukirwa was born 1990 in Buwama in Mpigi District about 80 Km in the western part of Kampala. She was raised as an orphan since 8yrs before she migrated to Kampala at the age of 13yrs.

I am a single mother of two daughters and currently unemployed, but try some trading in old shoes where I get a living.I am an Acid victim and survivor, who befell this unfortunate incident from my former boy friend, who poured acid all over my body, in the year 2007.

I was a young girl of 17 years then, and a student at St. Mary’s Buwama. It was in May 2014, my friend Juliet Male, introduced me to Mr. Samuel Wasswa, to help me out by contacting people who could give me help in terms of treatment and or surgery. He has been making contacts to many people to give hand though we had not successfully got one. Over this time,

I have found out one of the causes of these acts of scenerios ranging from Domestic Violence, Poverty, Disease, Family breakups, Neglect, Political among others. Together with Mr. Wasswa Samuel, we thought of forming a forum, which will talk for the voiceless and fight the vice, under the name; FORUM FOR ACID VICTIMS.


I have lived with disfigurement for 5 years now through pain and neglect. Every day, when I go out there, I am prepared to answer questions regarding my status and what really happened.

I have lived with this through counselling and encouragement from some good people and lived on hard outs from same good Samaritans.

It is hard to look at the face of a woman who has been attacked with acid and imagine how she will live an independent and fulfilling life.

Yet despite the pain, disfigurement and psychological trauma, many victims and survivors can and will rebuild their lives when provided the support they need. Acid violence is the deliberate use or acid to attack another human being.

The victims of acid violence are overwhelmingly women and children, and the attackers often target the head and face in order to disfigure and blind. Acid has a diver stating effect on the human body, often permanently blinding the victim and denying them the use of their hands. As a consequence, many every day, tasks such as working and even mothering are rendered extremely difficult if not impossible.


Acid attackers rarely kill but cause severe physical, psychological and social scarring victims are often left with no legal recourse, limited access to medical or psychological assistance and without the means to support themselves. It is not possible to provide the support that survivors require through a single interaction. In order to rebuild their lives, Acid survivors need long term access to a holistic program of medical support, rehabilitation and advocacy that can only be provided by a local organization.

I recognition of this, FAV, has set up a number of in-country well-wishers and partners that have access to a range of specialist medical expertise and knowledge. I am therefore presenting myself to you, the well-wishers, the organizations, companies and any person with a good heart to come up to our / my rescue, we people who are survivors and victims of Acid, to help us in any possible ways through, plastic surgery, medical treatment and economic empowerment through funding our activities,

we engage in (Making crafts and others) which in turn will empower us economically and psychologically, since one of the causes of this problem is poverty. When we are empowered, we can look after ourselves, children and the family at large.

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