The treatment that a patient of acid burns receives depends on a number of issues, for example, the nature of the attack, which parts of the body were affected, the amount and concentration of acid that was used and the use of first aid (lots of clean cold water) immediately after the attack...
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Forum for Acid Victims provides survivors with opportunities to acquire skills to engage in income generating activities. Areas of training include small businesses management, crafts/tailoring, rehabilitative training for the blind, and computer studies. Continue reading...〉


Forum For Acid Victims conducts sensitization and awareness raising initiatives in a bid to inform people about issues surrounding acid violence and also to expand our notification system.

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Acid attacks come with adverse physical, psychological and economic consequences. Survivors therefore need maximum psycho-social support to rebuild their lives The Psycho-social team of social workers and peer counselors conduct counseling sessions during hospital and home visits... Continue reading...〉